Below are some web links to sites associated with light aviaton,microlighting,
hang gliding, paramotoring and paragliding. Click on the logo to enter each site.
BMAA British microlight aircaft association,
looking after the interests of microlight pilots
in the UK. CAA approved organisation.
Powered Adventure, is a store dedicated
to the powered adventurer. Suppliers
of every accessory for the microlight pilot
and biker.
Powered Adventure
Medway microlights, the longest established
and approved microlight aircraft manufacturer
in the UK..Manufacturers of the Raven and SLA..
Thruster Aircraft LLP.
Wessex light aeroplane company.
Makers of the Xair.
Avian Hang Gliders. Britain's premiere
hang glider manufacturer
Flylight. All types of light recreational aviation, from
paragliding through to high-performance touring

Wanafly Airsports. Learn to
microlight in France
The British Hang Gliding and
Paragliding Association
Fancy a flying holiday in the sun?
Visit the Algarve Airsports Centre
The light aircraft association
Paraventure. Paramotoring and
paragliding training and sales
The Huntwing. Imagine a BCAR Section S
certified trike that you can build from plans.
The Wye valley fliers are a club that represents
microlight pilots in the Hereford area.
Red kite